Internationally Minded week at Bangkok Prep - Bangkok Prep

Internationally Minded week at Bangkok Prep

Internationally Minded week at Primary

Internationally Minded Week was celebrated throughout the school in late November. At the beginning of the week, children and adults dressed in national costumes and outfits. Children, teachers and staff were also able to travel the world through cuisine during our school meals throughout the week.

What a fun week it was –  full of internationally minded activities and learning. The teachers were all so proud of the effort made by all year groups. It was a fantastic sight to see all of the children’s different clothes and cultural costumes whilst celebrating diversity together.


Internationally Minded week at Secondary

In the morning students arrived to their tutor rooms to register as normal, complete the track and trace and COVID preventative procedures as always. And that was the end of the ‘normal routine’. Next students were introduced to the plans and purpose of the day and then Ms Rice and Ms Marsh led a live session focussed on Internationalism and global citizenship.

For the next few hours students moved into their HOUSE groups and had the chance to work together and compete for 80, 60, 40 and 20 points. We got to meet and work with people in our houses that we do not usually see and that was so appreciated and needed. The teams and tech teams then set about meeting their challenge.

The groups were given a brief for one of the most involved and important house competitions of the year! In the time they had, each house needed to research and create a multimedia presentation that was just 2-3 minutes long and could showcase the music, fashion, sports (and another area) of the countries in a continent.

A tech team had the responsibility of capturing and compiling everyone’s efforts -and they did an amazing job!

The responsibility of judging went to 3 people who were grading the content of the presentation and looking for the team that produced informative materials that were:

1) Most Enjoyable

2) Most Informative

3) Most Creative

While students and staff had lunch, they began their deliberations!

We finished the day with a very interesting quiz that allowed us to find out more fascinating facts about the backgrounds of our teachers and staff too! The students were amazing, creative and the judges had a very difficult time deciding the outcomes but the winner really stood out by sharing information about different countries within their continent and recognising and celebrating national culture and language too. We are very proud to share with you the results:

Sabre was in third place with their presentation about Africa here. You need a Prezi account to view this but the sign up is well worth it!

Panthera earned a very respectable 20 points with their video about North and South America! -Well done Lions That lion sure had a busy day.

Ursus airlines flew the bears into a second place landing with their video presentation about sports, animals, music and fashion in Oceana.

Surus took first place with their website! Please have a look through sports, music, fashion and art for a range of countries in Europe here.






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