Internationally Minded Week at Primary - Bangkok Prep

Internationally Minded Week at Primary

Please find reports from Internationally Minded Week below, written by our Year 6 children. There is also a fantastic array of display boards up in the Undercroft showcasing examples of the lovely work completed last week.

Travelling Through the World by an Internationally Minded Parade in Bangkok Prep!

Wow! It was such a wonderful week; celebrating all the nationalities here at Bangkok Prep. Monday, the 7th of November, marked yet another breathtaking Internationally Minded Week here at Bangkok Prep. It was absolutely lovely to see students, parents and teachers dressed in their country’s national attire from all over the world. What a wonderful display of inclusivity and diversity. Everyone produced themselves in a proud manner representing their home country as they perambulated around the Astro. It was fabulous to watch the magnificent dances from various countries along with the parents who volunteered to participate. The parade was certainly the highlight of the week and went a long way in not only spreading positive vibes, but also elated the spirit of students together with everyone else. The parents’ efforts definitely paid off since they worked hard in planning the dances, arranging the parade and tailored traditional dresses. The Internationally Minded Parade not only gave us happiness, it also taught us to be proud of where you come from, respect our cultures and to be a part of the Internationally Minded Community. I’m sure everyone loved the event as much as I did and thoroughly enjoyed the spectacular display of inclusivity and diversity throughout. Thank you!


Written by Saisha, 6LS 

Internationally Minded Week Pledges

For Internationally Minded Week, Year 6 created a “ Hand Pledge.” The hand pledge we did was to help, with regards to other people and helping the environment, by improving the injured earth that we live in. We did it to make a promise to save our world from different horrible things. Some, out of the many things people chose, were climate change and the melted ice in the Arctic/Antarctic, deforestation, world hunger, stage 4 cancer and many other sicknesses that families are affected by. People also chose to focus their pledges on: plastic pollution, which kills lots of sea animals, extinction of different kinds of species, diversity and equality and much more. For this activity, we drew our own hands, wrote our pledges and finally, we designed a background relating to the theme of our pledges. After that, we coloured the background and cut our pledge hands neatly. We then stuck our hands to create a whole-school display as a community.

Arwin Soh, 6DB


International Food Hall

On Friday 11th November 2022, the school had an International Food Hall stationed in the Sports Hall. Many countries were there and students were allowed to try the foods from different countries. Many games were played from different countries and there were also amazing prizes to win. For example, from Japan there were bouncy rubber balls, from India pictures, cookies and many more. Parents kindly took their time to cook and make or buy symbolic toys for the school. In the Thai zone, there were traditional banana leaf fish and delicious desserts to eat. At the Chinese stall, there were traditional clothes to wear and take pictures in. The pupils got to see the culture of different countries and see what they wear and do. I myself got two banana leaf fishes and also got to try many foods. Every class took part in the food hall and experimented with different and new things. The stalls were made carefully by the parents to be the best they could be. We found out a lot about different countries and food lovers had fun. The school has not had a Food Hall for two years and it is wonderful to have one again. 

Fasai 6EP


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