Internationally Minded Week at Secondary - Bangkok Prep

Internationally Minded Week at Secondary

As part of our commitment to being an Internationally Minded, Outstanding Learning Community, students in Bangkok Prep Secondary School will be learning more about the United Nations Sustainable Development Global Goals.

On Friday the 15th of November, we will have an Internationally Minded Day. Children are invited to come to school dressed in clothes from either their home country or a country they have a meaningful connection with. We truly value the diversity in our school and also recognise that identity and belonging are key factors in well-being. Many of our children have had wonderful opportunities to live in different countries and cultures and this diversity can be reflected within families too.

Message from the student Equality Team to the student body:

“When choosing your dress for the day, we want to acknowledge that you do not have to choose the country on your passport and that you may have an understanding and interest in a number of countries. Some of us could consider ourselves to be third culture kids. We do ask that you choose your clothing with cultural sensitivity at the heart of your choices. If we can all learn about each other’s dress and share why we chose it and what it means to us, then this can be very valuable to our community.”

What will the students do on Friday 15th November?

On Friday, students will work in mixed groups to focus on the UN Global Goals.

The aim of the day is to encourage a working knowledge of the UN Global Goals and what Bangkok Prep students can do to make an impact in accordance with the life values of our school. We are very excited to announce that for the first time ever, Bangkok Prep will work with a group called Teaspoons of change who are coming into our school to work with students in achieving this aim. Year 11 students will join in after the exams and at lunch of course.

International Food Expo

During the day on Friday, the fantastic FOBP are organising an International Food Expo with stalls from representative countries across many continents. The children will visit the International Food Expo at their lunchtime. Only parents who are volunteering at the International Food Expo may attend. The children will have the opportunity to sample some food from different countries. School lunches will be served as usual.

As we are an Eco school, to minimise plastic waste, we ask all children to bring a small re-usable container to use on Friday, the example below:

How can you get involved?

If you are prepared to take a lead, please contact the FOBP as a ‘Country Team Leader’. This role asks that you organise and communicate with your team, listen to ideas, welcome everyone who wants to be involved and are able to support on the day.

Deadline to sign a country up is 3pm on Monday 11th November.

There is a limit of one team per country. If you want to sign up but find that a country has already been added, then please contact the named ‘Country Team Leader’ and see how you can work together . A huge part of this initiative is embracing the opportunity for parents and carers in the community to come together, talk, exchange and have a good time.

Thank you in advance for supporting this important cultural celebration!


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