Jean-Marc Chiche: Meet the Teacher - Bangkok Prep

Jean-Marc Chiche: Meet the Teacher


Doctorate in Teaching of Languages and cultures (Hons) – Sorbonne Paris III University (France)

PG Research Degree in Teaching of Languages and Cultures – Sorbonne Paris III University (France)

MA – Teaching French as a Foreign Language – Sorbonne Paris III University (France)

Higher Diploma in Chinese – Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilisations (France)

What is your philosophy of teaching?

My essential idea is that learning is an active process: we retain and understand better the knowledge that we have built ourselves (that we have discovered) as opposed to knowledge we have received. Whenever a child is prematurely taught something that he could have discovered by himself, he is prevented from inventing it and thus completely understanding it. It is, therefore, more effective to learn French (and thus teach) through hands-on activities, games, and group exchanges than through a lecture, book, or presentation.

How do you make learning fun?

I think it’s important to create opportunities for hands-on learning. Children retain better information when their hands and brains are simultaneously occupied. To do this, I develop French lessons and activities that require students to speak French, listen and move. These types of lessons and activities benefit active, auditory and visual learners. Finally, students must be allowed to use their imagination. Rather than limiting or controlling their imagination, I want to encourage creativity by designing French lessons that encourage the use of role-plays or a similar range of activities.

What is your aim for this academic year at school?

My goal is to help my students to love learning French. I want them to know what French means in terms of language and culture. I want them to become curious and, thanks to my help, keep on hoping to learn different foreign languages.

What do you like about Bangkok Prep?

What I like most about Bangkok Prep is the spirit of caring and collaboration. People are courteous and well educated here. Teachers have the desire that they could help students to end up someday to become like them.

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