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Karin’s First Professional Dance Experience in 2 Big Concerts

I am writing to share some unique and invaluable experiences. I recently had the privilege to perform as a professional backup dancer in 2 big concerts by very famous Thai artists, “TATTOO COLOUR FEST” on 3-4 February 2024 & “RS MEETING CONCERT 2024 DANCE MARATHON 2” on 17 February 2024. Both concerts were held at the Impact Arena, one of the biggest concert halls in Thailand, holding approximately 12,000 seats that were sold out! 

I performed in a medley of Tattoo Colour songs over two days and performed 20 songs during a 4-hour RS concert. At the RS concert, I could really feel the energy of the cheering and chorus, with the whole audience standing through the concert. I felt incredibly stimulated and energised to be a part of a large event,  performing in front of huge audiences. Working alongside professional artists and other dancers, I have not only learned dance techniques but also improved various skills, like stage presence, teamwork, and professionalism behind the scenes. 

For the RS concert, finishing 20 songs in only ten days, I had to rehearse almost every day after school until midnight. I had a tough time balancing school lessons and concert rehearsals, but I am grateful for the understanding and support I received from my teachers, friends of Bangkok Prep, and family members, who have encouraged me to pursue my passion for dance.

I plan to study at University in Japan about the fusion of primitive methods of expression, such as dance and music, which have existed since ancient times, and new methods of expression that will emerge in the future, such as in the digital field. 

Through these experiences, I could feel the exchange of raw emotions between the artist and the audience. I could further appreciate the importance of live human expression, such as live performance. I am sure these experiences will help strengthen my portfolio and boost my confidence in whatever I do in the future. 


 Thank you for taking the time to read about my experience. I am lucky to have such understanding teachers, wonderful friends and school community in my life.


 Karin K 13KF


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