Karyn Mavor – Meet the Teacher - Bangkok Prep

Karyn Mavor – Meet the Teacher

Can you summarise your background and experiences for us?

I am from Edinburgh in Scotland, where I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Education at the University of Edinburgh. Throughout my 10 year teaching career I taught Years 2 to 6 and held the position of Maths and French coordinator. In my previous school, I established and was responsible for the running of the gymnastics club. I am thoroughly enjoying teaching gymnastics to Key Stage 1 at Bangkok Prep.

What inspired you to become a teacher?

When I started school at the age of 4, I knew straight away that I wanted to become a teacher. My first ever teacher, Miss McKenzie, inspired me as I loved my first year of school and it was mostly because she created a warm, positive environment to learn and grow in. I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.

You are joining us as a Year 6 teacher this year – what do you hope to achieve with your class during this academic year?

Having previously taught Year 6 I particularly enjoy preparing children for the important transition from Primary to Secondary school. This is a very exciting opportunity for me to work with such a fantastic year group in my first year at Bangkok Prep and I hope by the end of the year that each child has progressed educationally and is fully prepared for Secondary school and the challenges of life ahead. I am also very excited to be taking part in the Year 6 residential trip this year.

What do you love most about teaching?

Teaching children from different backgrounds, and varying Degrees of skill levels is a great challenge. Every child is unique and I seek to help them become the best they can be both as a person and educationally.

Why did you choose to apply to work at Bangkok Prep? And having started work here, what do you love most about Bangkok Prep?

I have visited Asia and Bangkok on several occasions as a tourist, I found the people so friendly and the culture fascinated me greatly. The prospect of teaching in such a positive environment struck me as a great opportunity to develop both as a teacher and a person. Having reviewed the schools available I felt Bangkok Prep was the best fit for my skill set and teaching style.

Having lived in Scotland my entire life, coming to Bangkok was a huge decision. The teachers, children and parents could not have been nicer to me from day one. I already feel so happy in my new home, Bangkok Prep.

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