KS1 and KS2 Sports Day 2021 - Bangkok Prep

KS1 and KS2 Sports Day 2021

KS1 Sports Day took place in the morning of Tuesday 14th December and KS2 Sports Day was held on Wednesday 15th December, each year group took part in a half day competition. Both Sports Days were held at our S53 Primary Campus and it was lovely to see all the children in their House t-shirt and PE kit on their respective Sports Day.

KS1 Sports Day events included children showcasing their Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) – balance, coordination, agility, jumping, scooting, hopping, crawling and target aiming. KS1 children showed their understanding of their activities and participated with enthusiasm and team spirit throughout their morning.

KS2 Sports Day events included children showcasing their Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) – agility, balance, speed, climbing over and crawling under, target aiming; and games played included Four Square from the Net and Wall Unit; and Benchball from the Invasion Games Unit.  All skills were taught and practised in Term 1, both online and in person. Many of our KS2 children showcased their leadership skills throughout their Sports Day, by initiating rotations in four square, they showed an understanding of rules in four square and benchball; and ensured fairness and correct scoring in their Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) stations.

I hope your child came home from their Sports Day and told you all about it; they were thrilled to be given a participation band as a reward for their continued enthusiasm and energy. A big thank you to Mr Owen who ensured that everyone involved in Sports Day had a well deserved ice lolly treat afterwards!

After what has been a strange and testing few years it was fantastic to celebrate the end of Term 1 with a sporting showcase. The Primary campus was a buzz of energy and we know the children enjoyed themselves. The PE department, sports coaches and teachers were extremely proud of the children. We look forward to sharing photos and videos with parents via our Firefly Sports Day pages. A direct link will be available in our first Primary Blog in January.



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