KS2 Ambassadors - Bangkok Prep

KS2 Ambassadors

In Key Stage Two, the children are given the opportunity to apply to be a Key Stage Two Ambassador. 

The Key Stage Two Ambassadors get a special badge so you can identify them easily, they meet with Miss Bialek regularly to discuss how they can improve the Key Stage, and they help at break times and lunch times. 

Well done to all those nominated this year. Here is the list of our new Key Stage Two Ambassadors for 2019-2020!

Class Ambassador
3MC Jessica
3DC Arwin
3AB Jessie
3MS Keen
3BS Monet V
4FS Pun Pun
4SC Siya
4CC Petra
4AW Jacob
4SL Prize
5KM Owen
5EW Mia
5WF Seoeun
5MF Coco
5LS Savidya
6SD Miri
6JY Shaavin
6CD Anna
6KP Jennifer
6DS Narda

The first item on the Ambassadors agenda is improving break times in Key Stage Two. If you have any ideas, let your Key Stage Two Ambassador know. They look forward to hearing your ideas!

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