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KS2 ECO Team to the Rescue!

As the weather in Bangkok has seemingly hit new highs and the humidity seems to have stuck around for the time being, the KS2 Eco Team had an idea! ‘Let’s provide break and lunchtime food and drinks for FREE for KS2 to help cool them down!’ And with that notion, they got busy and hard to work. Working together in teams to generate ideas, team names and team banners to help promote their idea. 

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Each team member has worked so well together, it has been impressive to witness how children of a young age can work together to provide wonderful activities for the rest of KS2. They have all had the chance to develop their leadership, communication and team working skills. Please see the overview of the week below.



What a brilliant achievement and a wonderful way to add value to our Bangkok Prep community. 


Mr Wooldridge

Primary Eco Team Leader



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