KS2 Sports Day 2020 - Bangkok Prep

KS2 Sports Day 2020

KS2 Sports Day proved to be the most spectacular way to end Term 1 and most importantly 2020. Hosting Sports Day always brings challenging logistics and months of behind the scenes planning, but this year was like no other. Who knew, on the back of a global pandemic, our wonderful KS2 children would get the opportunity to practice their skills in PE class and train during our Term 1 athletics ECA; then put on a display showcasing exactly what they can do. And, wow, what a performance!

We had children still manage to break records, show sportsmanship and offer help and support to their peers, remember techniques, try their best and smile throughout.

We were blessed with good weather and the most wonderful group of Year 9 Sports Leaders. These children were a credit to Bangkok Prep and took pride displaying our Life Values throughout the day. Your children received 1:1 coaching from these helpers during their field events and the helpers displayed maturity and initiative helping our end of track marshals. Their enthusiasm and energy spurred on our KS2 students throughout their events.

We ran 155 track heats, allowing all the children to compete in two sprints 60m and 100m and the chance to run a long distance event 600m (Y3&4) or 800m (Y5&6). All students participated in four field events; Javelin (Y3-6), Shot Put (Y3-6), Standing Triple Jump (Y5&6) or 3-Springs Jump (Y3&4) and Discus (Y5&6) or Quoit Throw (Y3&4). Every child took part in the Shuttle Relay at the end of their Sports Day, with the Year 9 helpers eagerly racing against our Year 6 teams.

We are very lucky to have such a wonderful Secondary PE team who allowed us to take over their teaching space for the day. Our excellent events team, maintenance crew and PE department who work behind the scenes. And our amazing teachers, TA’s and PE department helped to ensure all the children had a fabulous time throughout.

Thank you to our FOBP for the children’s, helpers and teachers well deserved ice lolly treat at the end of the day. I also hope everyone is still wearing their participation wrist band. Our 1st-3rd place winners earned their spot on the podium and received a well-deserved medal as they proved to be the best in their year group in that track or field event. Well done to all the children for your efforts on the day. We had some really fast races; 3 new school track records were broken. The field athletes did fabulous too; with 12 new school records. Our Year 5 and 6 students this year competed for the first time throwing 1kg Shot Put, compared to the 600g in previous years; and the Year 6 discus weight is now 750g, compared to the usual 250g. So, this year’s UKS2 children created 6 new records. Well done to all of you.

It was a fantastic day and wonderful to see so many happy faces. Thank you to all the parents and family members who attended and cheered on the children, it was lovely to see so many of you at T77.

Well done to our KS2 ‘Elephants’ for winning this year’s KS2 Sports Day!

Photos are posted here  on our PE firefly page.



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