KS4 FOBISIA Maths Competition - Bangkok Prep

KS4 FOBISIA Maths Competition

Recently 8 of our KS4 students took part in the FOBISIA Secondary Mathematics competition. Jihyo, Soham, Atty, Pearn, Pong, Ben, Ryutaro & Charn competed over 3 afternoons, working individually and in teams to test their Mathematical knowledge in this exciting online challenge.

Students competed in 3 rounds – the Individual round consisting of Algebra & Geometry questions, the Riddle round made up of a series of lateral logic questions and the Enigma round – a cryptography based code breaking team round.

We were very proud of the teamwork, dedication and enthusiasm displayed by all 8 students and congratulations to the Atty and Charn for joint 2nd place in the Individual round, Jihyo, Pong, Ryuataro and Pearn for joint 3rd place in the Individual round and Team BkkPrepSuperior (Jhyo, Soham, Atty and Pearn) for their joint second place in the Riddle round.

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