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Laurence Stellman – Meet our Teachers

As a Year 5 Teacher, what exciting things do you have planned for your class this year?   

Having taught Year 5 last year, I was delighted that the children seemed to enjoy the wide range of learning opportunities I offered to them. I must say, it boils down to teamwork. This year, as a team of dedicated teachers, we have planned lots of exciting lessons, inspired by interesting Thematic Topics. For me, I would like to think that some of the exciting highlights coming up this year will include sharing the wonderful social experience of going on our Year 5 Residential in Term 2.

Also, I have lots of exciting science investigations planned for the rest of the year, and I know the students will enjoy these and relate their learning of how and why things happen in everyday life. I love reading to my students and I relish the opportunity to share the rich English language through books of all types of genres. I truly believe that modelling reading can enthuse children to read, and for me, this is exciting!

 What were your first impressions when you initially arrived at and started working at Bangkok Prep? How long have you worked at Bangkok Prep?

I have been lucky enough to have worked here at Bangkok Prep for almost 15 years. I worked in London for 18 years as a teacher before moving to Thailand.

I still remember my first impressions of the school as I walked in through the doors. It was a much smaller school then. The children all greeted me politely and everyone I met was just so friendly and positive. The vibe I got was like nowhere else I have worked. I am happy to say this fantastic feeling of internationalism and everyone being part of a community, has not been lost!

What was the reason you initially decided to start teaching?

They say teaching is a vocation and for me this is certainly true. I wanted to be a teacher from the age of about 11. It was because I was inspired by teachers myself. As a youngster, I was lucky to have truly great teachers, so good were they, that I can remember their names to this day! These teachers gave me the desire to find out things, they gave me confidence and they allowed me to make the right decisions. They were like ‘an extra group of parents!’

Through my own experiences of being at school, I wanted to do the same for others when I grew up. This is why I have enjoyed staying in the profession for all these years. It always thrills me to see children I teach make progress and for them to ask questions and search for answers.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Finding time outside of work is very important to me. Spending time with friends and family are paramount. I love to travel, especially to places that have different cultures for me to sample. Korea, Japan, Nepal and India are among my favourite places so far, but there are many more places I really want to visit. One of my passions is to take time out to explore cities and landscapes with my camera. I am always discovering new things in Thailand as well as abroad. I have always had a real interest in natural history and science generally. More recently, I have rekindled my hobby of photography and invested in some new lenses. I particularly enjoy capturing landscapes, wildlife and close ups of small creatures. Listening to a diverse range of music is another important facet to my time, when not working.

Please can you give me a summary of your qualifications and previous work experience?

Qualifications after A-levels: Bachelor of Education Degree with Honours (French Studies and Psychology of Education – Hertfordshire University, England).

TEFL Certificate (2005 Bangkok)

Previously, I worked in another International School in Bangkok and before that I worked for 18 years, teaching from Year 2 to Year 6 in a Primary School in North West London.

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