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Learning about Professions

On Thursday 6th June Reception were lucky to have a second parent come and talk to us about their profession.  Bai Fern’s Mum volunteered to speak about her role as a Doctor in Nuclear medicine. She showed us the scanning machine that she uses and we were amazed that it costs over 100,000,000 THB!  She illustrated her profession with some interesting photographs of the other members of the team she works with. We also learnt that there are different types of doctors who specialise in different types of medicine e.g. paediatricians are doctors who look after children. The children were really interested in the pictures of different scans and had to guess which part of the body they were looking at. At the end there was an opportunity for the children to ask questions. Thank you so much for coming in. If there are any other parents of Reception aged children who would like to share their job with us please contact your child’s class teacher.

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