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Learning French through the News

The World Language Faculty strongly believes that the skills learnt in French and Spanish lessons are not just to be used in the classroom. Students need to practise their talents in a variety of situations and contexts so that they can adapt to this fast-changing world.

Last week, we launched the new weekly quiz. Based on the weekly news and random facts linked to history, science, and a variety of topics, a quiz will be sent to students who study French every Friday. The resources to answer the questions can be accessed on Firefly as well as on the 5th floor. The questions aim to encourage students to use their inquisitive skills and require them to use their current skills and knowledge of French, however small, to find the correct answers. Each entry will receive a House Point and a bigger prize will be awarded to the term winners.

Congratulations to Praew (14 points – 7SW), Arsh (13 points – 8OG), Mimi (8PS) and Jooeun (8LP) (both 12 points) who are currently on the leader board!


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