Librarians’ Knowledge Shared Workshop Visitors 2018 at Bangkok Prep

Librarians’ Knowledge Shared Workshop Visitors (LKSW) 2018 at Bangkok Prep

Bangkok Prep had the honour of being one of the eight international schools in Bangkok to provide tours to delegates of the Librarians’ Knowledge Shared Workshop. Teams of librarians toured both the Primary and Secondary Campus Libraries on the afternoon of Thursday 8th November.

In Primary School, our library helpers gave individual tours and answered questions about our library and school. Our students enthusiastically offered the international school librarians refreshments and then escorted them to the green screen and makerspace rooms. We then gave the delegates a quick tour of the rest of the school. Librarian and author Sarah Mounsey gifted our school with three of her books. Our guests were delighted to receive such a welcoming and hospitable reception from our library helper team.

The Secondary Campus were also thrilled to be part of the library tour of this year’s LKSW Conference.  Nine librarians from different international schools in Asia were excited to see the displays, works and books that our students enjoy. They were inspired with how we run the reading programme across the curriculum and how our open space works well as an academic and leisure place.

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