Lunar New Year 2021 at Secondary - Bangkok Prep

Lunar New Year 2021 at Secondary

First of all, I’d like to wish you all a “Happy New Year of the Ox and all your wishes come true!”

This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our school was unable to have a whole school assembly to celebrate Lunar New Year as it has done in previous years – the Dragon and Lion dances and the Chinese karaoke competition unfortunately had to be cancelled. In order to create a festive atmosphere, the Mandarin Department and the event team decorated the school tree with lanterns made last year and this year, to represent the New Year coming and the old year passing on from generation to generation.

Although we were not able to get together to sing and have fun, we broadcasted a Chinese songs house quiz with help from the wonderful Mr Dally and his charming voice. In the World Languages department, there was also a vote to re-rank of the Chinese zodiac animals.  Students applied their learning to write passages to promote their top zodiac animal in Mandarin, English, Japanese, Thai, French and other languages.

I am confident that we will have a new and energetic Year of the Golden Ox as we see the students participating so enthusiastically and happily to welcome the New Year.             



虽然今年因为新冠状病毒疫情的影响,学校无法如往年一样热热闹闹的庆祝春节,舞龙舞狮的表演活动及中文歌曲的比赛也都得取消,但正因如此,我们更需要年节的气氛来赶走阴霾,振奋人心。为了营造年节喜气氛围,中文部特意用了去年的灯笼以及今年新做的灯笼来装点校树,代表着迎新送旧,世代传承。虽然大家不能聚在一起唱歌同乐,但是我们透过了学校广播,在 Dally 老师磁性的声中,举办了一场中文歌曲猜谜大赛;在五楼语文部,也进行着一场十二生肖重新排名的投票,学生用中文,英文,日文,泰文,法文等不同语言来为他们心目中的第一名写宣传稿,将学生的学习成果与庆祝活动合而为一。看着学生们这么热烈地参与,开开心心地迎接新的一年,我相信“牛”转乾坤,我们一定会有个全新的充满朝气的金牛年。  


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