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Lunar New Year at Bangkok Prep

Lunar New Year at Bangkok Prep Primary

Happy Lunar New Year! The Lunar New Year is calculated using a lunar calendar and it is also called the Spring Festival, which signifies the beginning of a new Chinese Zodiac year. This year, the actual Lunar New Year was on Sunday, January 22. 

On Monday January 23, Bangkok Prep Primary School had a great celebration of the Lunar New Year with a live lion dance and dragon dance performance. It was a great day with students, staff and parents all dressing up in red, gold and the traditional Lunar New Year costume. The school was decorated in red lanterns, the spring couplets and students’ cultural art works to welcome the year of the Rabbit.

In Mandarin classes, students have been enjoying singing Chinese songs, making festive decorations and Chinese art works. Students were especially excited when given Hongbao, the red envelope by the teacher for extra good luck. They also had a great time making and tasting dumplings with Chinese parents. 

We hope you all have a wonderful year of the rabbit. May the year of the rabbit bring you extra good luck, love, health and prosperity!


xin nian kuaile , wan shi ru yi!

Primary Mandarin Department

Lunar New Year at Bangkok Prep Secondary

As soon as you enter the Secondary Campus, you may have noticed that the Lunar New Year atmosphere is all around . The Mandarin department, with the help of our dedicated students and the school Events Team, organised and held the celebrations for the Lunar New Year on Monday January 23. Students and staff spent a lot of time creating decorations to adorn the whole school, creating an authentic environment for the celebrations, which welcomed the Year of the Rabbit.

On Monday morning, the second day of the year of the Rabbit, all students attended a special assembly for the celebrations where they were able to witness professional and exhilarating performances of the Dragon Dance & Lion Dance. In addition, 15 students in Year 9 performed “12 Zodiac Gongfu” with amazing live guitar accompaniment from Java;  Charlotte, Amy, Cia and Elain in Year 10 also choreographed a beautiful Chinese style dance, both performances received a very warm applause. KS3 and KS4 emcees, Jennifer, Ayaka, Dhriti, Can and Alexica, expressed the traditional customs about Chinese New Year.

School staff working in the administration block were also treated to a special performance after the assemblies in order to bring good luck to the school – and they had a great time!

It was a fantastic event and we hope colleagues and students really enjoyed celebrating with the Mandarin team. However, the celebrations are far from over! On Friday the 3rd of February, students will again have the opportunity to celebrate the end of the Lunar New Year festival. On that day, all students will have the opportunity to earn points for their House by competing in the Chinese song karaoke in the Undercroft at lunchtime!

We look forward to seeing many students give it their best shot!

Secondary Mandarin Department



一月二十三日星期一是大年初二,在春节的庆祝活动上,Alexica 和 Can为高中部的学生们简单地介绍了回娘家的习俗以及绍了春节食物代表的意义以及春节期间的一些禁忌;Ayaka, Jennifer 和 Dhriti为中学部的学生们介绍了一些春节的庆祝活动;此外, 十五名九年级学生在Java的吉他现场伴奏下为大家表演了“十二生肖操“;十年级的Charlotte, Amy, Cia和Elain 也编排了一段优美的中式舞蹈,他们的演出获得了热烈的掌声。 除了学生们的演出,学校还邀请专业的舞龙舞狮来校表演,舞龙的大气,狮子和兔子俏皮演出的模样更是赢得了全校师生的赞赏。


农历正月十五是元宵节也是春节活动的最后一天,今年的元宵节刚好是二月五日周日。 在下周五二月三号午餐休息时间,我们安排了全校的中文歌曲演唱,猜歌名比赛。热热闹闹地结束今年的春节活动。


祝贺大家新春如意, 万事如意!



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