Bangkok Prep Master Chef Round 2 - Bangkok Prep

Bangkok Prep Master Chef Round 2

The interculturalism has shone through with the vast variety of countries and cultures being represented by the different dishes. Unfortunately as we move on to Round 3- Semi Finals, some tough decisions had to be made by the judges.

Congratulations to:

Surus – Will (Y11), Bhuvi (Y7)
Panthera – Angie (Y8)
Sabre – Jooeun (Y9), Ice-Cream (Y7)
Ursus – Elliot (Y9), Sam (Y7), Charlotte (Y12)


Elephants – Karin (Y1), Bodgi (Y5), Kitt (Y5)
Lions – An An (Y1), Wal (Y1), Jules (Y1)
Tiger – Katerina (Y2), Nagi (Y2), Nanin (Y1), Kiri (Y4)
Bears – Grace (Y2), Ariya (N), Mila (Y5)
Next up for our Master Chef’s is a dish that will be judged by Senior Leadership Staff. 


Click the image below to see a short clip of the fantastic efforts our Master Chefs have been putting in:







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