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Maths Faculty Celebrates Pi Day

The Maths faculty celebrated Pi Day on Monday 14th March with a Pi recital house competition and a bake off – Pi cake competition. 

Mr. McIntosh retained his title of best teacher, remembering Pi to 96 decimal places, the winning house was Panthera with a mean of 60 decimal places per student recited.

If you are like me and struggle to remember your mobile phone digits, you will be very impressed by our student recitals across all Key Stages, notably an amazing effort from Ai in Year 10 (600 decimal places!!?), Takumi in Year 10 (450 decimal places!?); not to mention respectable efforts from Fresh in Year 11 (120 decimal places),  Aadi in Year 9 ( 117 decimal places) and Ana in Year 8 (116 decimal places), to name just a few.

The winner of the great Pi bake-off was Estelle from Year 8. 

 Thanks to all the students for taking part in the Pi day activities.

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