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Meet Bangkok Prep’s Youngest Published Author!

Congratulations to our youngest published author, from Year 3, Pinta P! Her love of reading, writing and the library is demonstrated in the dedication and hard work she has put in to produce this wonderful book.

Pinta, aka Purple Kitty, was kind enough to donate two copies of her book, The Flight of the B.rangers, to our Primary Library. Come and check it out!

We caught up with Pinta to ask her some quick fire questions about her new book:

– What is the book about?

A girl, a boy and a cat find treasure on a dangerous island.

– What inspired you to write this book?

My inspiration came from a book called Treasure Island. The author, Robert Louis Stevenson, was good at creating suspenses and he made it very exciting.

– If we want to buy your book, where do we go?

You can order through Official Line: Purple Kitty Publishing in this link ( ) or add LineID: @999fcqiu, or scan the QR code here and the book will be delivered to you in the post.

– What age or what year did you start writing stories?

I just started doing this now, in Year 3 at age 7.

– How did the teachers at Bangkok Prep and your family and friends help to inspire you with your writing?

They encouraged me to write what I want to.

– Who is your favourite author and why?

J.K.Rowling because her books are thrilling.

– Do you plan to write another book?

Yes, I think writing books is fun.

– What do you want to do when you grow up?

Be an author or an illustrator because I like to work with books.





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