Message from Head of school  - Friday 30th October - Bangkok Prep

Message from Head of school  – Friday 30th October

I would like to thank every member of our outstanding learning community for your continuing support of our school. As we move forward in this academic year, we will continue to focus on providing rich learning experiences for our children. Please find some time to support as many events as you can during the rest of this year.

Today we celebrate Loy Krathong at Bangkok Prep and I think that it is more relevant today than ever before.  The history behind the festival is rather complex, and people in Thailand celebrate it for many reasons. As the main rice harvest season ends, it’s time to thank the Water Goddess for a year’s worth of her abundant supply, as well as an apology for polluting the waters.


“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

Mother Theresa


Loy Krathong can also be an opportunity to get rid of misfortune and bad things that happened in the past and ask for good luck in the future. For this people float a “Krathong” in the river. To me personally, it is an opportunity to ‘move forward’ from the impact COVID pandemic and look to our future with optimism whilst ‘keeping up our guard’ against the resurgence of the virus. It is important that we all think positively about the future.

Friends of Bangkok Prep (FOBP)

I would like to remind everyone of the great work that FOBP provides for our community and they are currently planning some exciting events for the rest of this academic year. Please sign see their updates on their official line group – QR code below.

Blood donation at Bangkok Prep

Please also see this opportunity to donate blood to support the people of Thailand – link below 




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