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Message from Head of School – Preparing our COMMUNITY for a SUSTAINABLE GLOBAL Future

Dear Bangkok Prep Community,  

As we embark on the journey of the new academic year, we are thrilled to embrace a future brimming with optimism and boundless global opportunities.  We are now ‘one school on one campus’ and our newly aligned vision is:

Preparing our COMMUNITY for a SUSTAINABLE GLOBAL future.

As a community, we’ll shape a year filled with exciting discoveries, meaningful connections, and remarkable achievements. With the new vision, comes the realigned New Values: 

We will channel our enthusiasm into learning, innovation, and personal growth, as we work hand in hand to create a bright and promising future.

Sustainable Future

You may already be aware that we have acquired additional parking which is located under the freeway adjacent to the school. Obviously, to reduce our carbon footprint many of our staff and families use BTS, walk and an increasing number cycle to school and make use of the new bike racks.

New Bike and Scooter Racks

During my welcome back presentation on Tuesday, I shared some very exciting news about the development of our school as we enter our third decade of operation. As you know, our school has always put our learners at the centre of an education that is both diverse and international. We focus on the individual learner whilst providing a broad and balanced curriculum which offers more choice for our parents and children.

As I mentioned in Term 3, moving into our third decade of operation, we now need to focus on increasing the global reach of our school and proactively create international partnerships. The next stage in the development of Bangkok Prep, will be greatly enhanced by inclusion within a wider group of schools that can deepen the range of authentic multicultural experiences and rich learning opportunities.

The International Schools Partnership (ISP) is a leading global educational provider and we will collaborate with them to move our school forward to its next phase of development.

The International Schools Partnership’s philosophy, priorities and commitment to learning is very much aligned with the ideology of Bangkok Prep. The experience of the International Schools Partnership team in collaborating with established and recognised schools around the world, ensures that our school can benefit from inclusion in ISP’s existing and developing programmes:

  • Professional Development: ISP will provide opportunities for staff development through access to ISP’s ‘Learning Hub’, an online learning platform of proprietary learning resources. School staff can also take part in a range of continued professional development (CPD) programmes with other ISP schools throughout the world; including ‘The School Heads Development Programme’; ‘Middle Leaders Development Programme’; and a range of Teacher Development opportunities.


  • ISP International Learning Opportunities (‘ILOS’) for students: Many thousands of students in ISP partner schools engage in ILOS opportunities, either online or in person, every year. These include student exchange programmes (student visits to other schools in other countries); an annual Model United Nations programme (MUN); and global Maths, Chess, and Film competitions (to name a few). Bangkok Prep students will have access to these exciting opportunities.


  • ISP Futures: ISP Futures focuses on student and school-led projects focused on sustainability. Bangkok Prep students and staff will be able to take part in ISP Futures projects that empower students, support the school to deliver projects for sustainable development; and projects to reduce carbon footprint. Students and staff will be able to take in ISP Forest (tree planting initiatives); International awareness days; and also apply for funding for student-led environmental projects.

We are delighted to announce therefore, that the International Schools Partnership has become a new partner. This new partnership will further enhance our global reach. The Bangkok Prep leadership teams, teachers and staff will continue to use our Whole School Strategic Plan to move towards a Sustainable Global Future, with many new opportunities to learn and develop as a partner in the ISP group.

You can learn more about the International Schools Partnership at:


Thank you all once again for your great work in preparing our school for the exciting year ahead.


Warm regards




Duncan J Stonehouse

Head of School

Our Campus


BANGKOK, 10110

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