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Message from the Head of School: Welcome New Teachers Joining us in 2021-22


Dear Parents and Students

We are accelerating towards the end of what has been an extremely challenging term. The support from parents, students and staff has been outstanding. I would like to sincerely thank everybody in the Bangkok Prep Community. Whilst organising the next few days of term we are attempting to include as many exciting learning opportunities and celebration sessions as possible.

The staff are also very busy preparing for the next academic year and we have some very exciting learning opportunities planned for the students at Bangkok Prep.  In August 2021, we will have a total of 125 expatriate teachers at our school. This is a clear signal of high quality international education and they will have a direct and profound impact on students’ learning. I am delighted to announce our new teachers for the next academic year. I have included some information (in no particular order) and a short message from them below:


Michaela Reid – Nursery teacher

Michaela has been teaching for nine years and has a first class honours degree in Primary Education. She is currently studying for her Masters in Educational and Child Psychology and will be teaching in Early Years. Michaela has this to say…    

Hello parents and students of Bangkok Prep! My name is Michaela Reid and I will be the new Nursery teacher for August, 2021. I am very much looking forward to meeting you and your families, and feel very enthusiastic about the year ahead.

Here is a little bit about me; I completed my teacher training with first class honours in Leeds in 2010 and have continued my studies by reading Psychology at Masters Level. I am particularly interested in child development and how the combination of genetics and experience shape neurological processes in developing little minds. I strive to create learning environments which promote opportunities for small people to grow, reach their full potential, feel valued and embed a love for learning early on in life.

My hobbies include socialising, travelling and exploring new places/food/cultures – I love adventure and heading off the beaten track! I enjoy creating visual art and taking classes in craft-based activities such as pottery, painting, weaving etc. I am an avid reader and very much enjoy attending book clubs and similar events. I anticipate that I will have the pleasure of meeting you all in person very soon! In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful summer!  

Amy Burke – Secondary PE Teacher

Amy is a very experienced PE teacher and has a BA (Hons) degree in Physical Education and Coaching. She has recently achieved qualifications in Mental Wellbeing in Sport & Physical Activity and Yoga with Young Children.  Amy has this to say…

Hello, my name is Amy Burke and I will be joining the Physical Education Department. I started my teaching career in Bournemouth, UK, and spent the last 5 years teaching in Malaysia. Here I have helped develop the Sports Leaders Programme and worked with the local state Football team to promote and inspire more girls to play sport. I believe that Physical Education has the power to develop the entire student. With the challenges of Covid19, having an understanding of physical, social and emotional well-being is more essential than ever. I enjoy playing Football, Volleyball and Tennis and I recently started Powerlifting. I cannot wait to get to Bangkok Prep and start coaching some of the sports teams!



Emma-Louise Parkinson – Primary Class Teacher

Emma will be teaching in Key Stage 2 and has been teaching for 3 years. Emma has a BA (Hons) in Primary Education from Edge Hill University and is joining us directly from the UK. Emma has this to say… 

Hello my name is Emma Parkinson. Since I graduated from Edge Hill University, I have spent the last three years teaching in upper Key Stage 2 in the UK. I am extremely excited to join Bangkok Prep. The idea of teaching global learners in a cultural classroom really excites me. I love being a primary school teacher as no day is ever the same! I am dedicated to fostering a learning environment that is caring and inspiring- whereby each child can develop their own sense of identity.

As an active individual, I enjoy going to the gym and regularly partake in group spinning classes- the social side of this is great as well as keeping fit and healthy. I also love to travel and explore new places. I have spent my summer holidays in South East Asia travelling Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. When I visited Bangkok, I instantly fell in love with the vibrant city, the diversity, culture and amazing people. This for me has had a lasting impression and I can’t wait to call it ‘home’!

Charles Clark – Secondary Geography Teacher

Charles will join the Humanities Faculty and has a wealth of experience in British Curriculum schools. He has a PGCE (Secondary) Geography and also an MSc in Environmental Impact Assessment and Management. Charles has this to say…

Hello everyone, my name is Charles Clark, and I will be joining Bangkok Prep as a Geography Teacher. Originally from the UK, I was fortunate enough to spend my primary school days studying in Cyprus which has inspired an international mindedness that emanates through my teaching. I completed my university studies in Manchester before returning to the south of England to teach in an outstanding school in Cambridgeshire. Exploring the world and experiencing new cultures is my passion and I am delighted to have the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for Geography with you at Bangkok Prep. I love anything active and involve myself in as many sports and extracurricular activities as I can including football, skiing, and field trips. I am eager to join the thriving community, get to know you all and start my journey at Bangkok Prep.



Sam Latham-Talbot – Primary Class Teacher

Sam will be teaching in Key Stage 1 and has been teaching for three years and has a PGCE in Primary teaching with a focus on SEN from the Merseyside Special Education Needs Teaching Schools Alliance (MSTSA) and Liverpool Hope University, and a BA degree in Illustration from the Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. Samantha has this to say…

Hello, my name is Ms Latham-Talbot! I am a Primary Teacher with a Special Educational Needs (SEN) focus. I am currently living in Bangkok and I have now been here for two years. I love Bangkok, I have met many wonderful people here and I enjoy the energy of the city. There is always something to do or see! I am a volleyball player and enjoy staying creative in my spare time drawing or baking something delicious! I look forward to meeting the Bangkok Prep community in August



Kate Flower – Secondary Chemistry Teacher

Kate has been teaching for ten years and has a BSc Environmental Management (Science) and a PGCE in Secondary Science with Chemistry Specialism. In 2016, she also obtained a degree in Education. Kate has this to say…

Hi, I’m Kate Flower. I am very excited to be joining Bangkok Prep as a chemistry teacher this coming school year. I have been teaching for ten years, three in the UK and the last seven at Doha College, Qatar. I love teaching chemistry, especially seeing the excitement on students’ faces during practical work. I have always been actively involved in extracurricular activities and trips, especially the Duke of Edinburgh/ International Award, something I hope to continue with at Bangkok Prep. I enjoy a range of outdoor activities, especially hiking and water sports. I also really enjoy reading and cooking. I am moving to Bangkok with my husband and young daughter and we look forward to joining the Bangkok Prep community.



Adele George – Secondary English Teacher

We are delighted that Adele will be joining our English Faculty. Adele has been teaching for over 8 years and has a PGCE (with QTS) at The University of Buckingham. She also has a first class honours degree Classical Civilization. Adele has this to say …

I started my career in education as a Classics teacher in the UK, where I also founded a boarding house for younger pupils and was heavily involved in the pastoral and extra-curricular side of school life. Most of the boarders were from overseas, so my teaching experience has always involved working with pupils from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

My first international teaching role was in Santiago, Chile, as a Literature and Social Studies teacher at an IB school. I loved my time in Chile and, despite moving back to the UK for family reasons, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I planned my next move abroad! My family and I arrived in Bangkok in 2018 and we have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Thailand so far. I’m really looking forward to moving to Bangkok Prep and getting to know the students, staff, and parents.


Simon Green – Head of Secondary Music

Simon is a very experienced Music teacher who has vast experience in raising the profile of music through concerts, performances and special musical events. Simon has BA (Hons) in Music and also a Master of Arts in Community Music. Simon has this to say …

Hello! My name is Simon and I am very excited to be joining the Music Department at Bangkok Prep. I started learning the violin and piano at the age of five, and I have been lucky enough to perform with members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Andrea Bocelli and the Rolling Stones to name (drop) a few! I completed my Bachelor and Masters Degrees at the University of York before moving to Bristol to qualify as a teacher. My career in education has taken me to schools in Panama, UAE, Egypt as well as Bangkok. I am the conductor of Zing Bangkok, an adult community choir, and I have sung in several concerts with Opera Siam and the Siam Sinfonietta. When I’m not making music, I enjoy cooking vegan food for my friends and travelling around Thailand finding all the best dive spots.



Dan O Sullivan – Primary class Teacher

I am delighted to welcome Dan back to our Bangkok Prep community especially as he is considered to be an outstanding teacher! Dan will be teaching in Key Stage 1 and has been teaching for 10 years. He has a Diploma in Education (University of Birmingham) and a BA (Hons) in English with Sociology and Psychology (Nottingham Trent University). Dan has this to say… My name is Dan O’Sullivan and I’m very excited to be returning to Bangkok Prep as part of the Key Stage 1 Team. I have been teaching for ten years, having gained a range of professional and personal experience from my five years teaching in London and another five years living and teaching in Bangkok. I believe in giving students a voice by developing their oracy skills and promoting student leadership and thoroughly enjoyed being the facilitator for the Student Council at Bangkok Prep on two occasions.

My personal interests include scuba diving and a range of physical pursuits like football, yoga and long-distance running. In my spare time, I love to immerse myself in books as well as discover new food and music to dance to (badly) and in recent years, I have become particularly enamoured with a very affectionate tabby cat. I’m very much looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone in August.


Daniel Hyman – Secondary Head of Physics

We are delighted that Dan will be joining our Science Faculty. Dan has been teaching for over 7 years and has a PGCE (with QTS) at The University of Buckingham. He has a BSc in Physics with Space Science & Technology and a Masters Degree in Aerospace Dynamics. Dan has this to say …

Hello everyone. I am Dan, and I will be joining the Bangkok Prep community as Head of Physics. It is a very exciting move for my family and I, as we love Thailand, having visited just two years ago for a whole summer.  Science, Physics, Engineering, Space and Technology are my absolute passions, and over the years of teaching and have been delighted to be responsible for encouraging young people to find that same passion and desire to explore and understand the World around us. Also a keen hiker, dog walker and explorer, I love to be out amongst nature and am always keen to further develop my understanding about the physical mechanisms that drive our Universe and keep our Little Blue planet spinning. I look forward to meeting you all in August.



Karen Raper – Secondary Head of Computing and Online Safety Officer

Karen has been teaching for over 15 years and we are looking forward to welcoming her to the academic team in August. Karen has a BA (Hons) in Computing and Information Systems and has also been awarded a National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership. Karen has this to say …

Hello my name is Karen and I am delighted to be joining the community at Bangkok Prep this coming academic year as the Head of Computing and Online Safety Officer. My family and I have been living in Bangkok for three years and we enjoy all that the city life offers, along with the beautiful resorts we explore in the holidays (our favourite so far is Dolphin Bay).  I have held a range of teaching and learning responsibilities, from the academic of being head of department for ICT and Computing, to pastoral responsibilities in being head of year and key stage.  I am looking forward to working with the students in the secondary school to develop their ICT and computing skills, whilst also preparing them for a safe, productive and happy life in the digital.



Stephen Tarr – Secondary Deputy Faculty Leader of Maths and Computing

Stephen is a very experienced Secondary Maths teacher and a proficient leader in education. Stephen has a PGCE in Secondary Education in Mathematics from the University of Southampton and a first class Masters Degree in Engineering with Honours in Civil Engineering. Stephen has this to say …

Hello, my name is Stephen Tarr and I’m excited to be joining Bangkok Prep as a secondary Maths teacher and Second in Department. I have always been fascinated by the practical applications of my subject, and gained a Masters in Civil Engineering at Nottingham University, including an exchange programme in Bucknell University. I realised that my career lay in teaching and I completed my PGCE at Southampton University in 2009. I am currently Head of Maths and Computing at a highly regarded independent girls day school in London, having taught at a number of schools in London including an inner-city academy.  Outside teaching my passions are hiking, puzzles and history. I also love travelling and was fortunate to spend six months living in Rwanda volunteering and learning Kinyarwandan. I will be coming to Thailand with my wife and two young daughters and we are all very excited to have the opportunity to explore Thailand and become part of the thriving Bangkok Prep community.


Anna Warburton – Secondary Maths Teacher

After completing her A Levels, Anna studied Mathematics with Business Management at Aberystwyth University before returning back to her home in Cheshire to gain her PGCE. Anna has this to say … Hello, my name is Anna Warburton. I am very excited to be joining Bangkok Prep as a Maths teacher and look forward to meeting you all. I love to see students passionate about Maths and help others find their passion for the subject. My view is that, no matter what your ability in Maths, everybody feels pride when they grasp a new concept or idea and helping students achieve that is what motivates me most. Outside the classroom, I have enjoyed supporting the Duke of Edinburgh scheme in both the UK and Dubai. Having seen it help many students progress into wonderful young adults and something I benefited from myself when in school, I look forward to offering my support to the Duke of Edinburgh team at Bangkok Prep.





We are delighted with the new additions to the Bangkok Prep teaching team and we can’t wait for them to meet the children in August.


Warm regards


Duncan J Stonehouse

Head of School



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