Dear Students, Parents and Colleagues,

We finished a very busy Term today with a lovely Songkran celebration organised by our Thai Department and Thai classes. I always like these assemblies because they firmly root us in our host culture and allow us time to reflect on where we are. Many cultures have themes of cleansing and renewal in their traditions. It is important for us to realise that we all share many cultural similarities that bind us together. Cultural celebrations also tie in perfectly with our April Life Value of Respectful.

We have now entered the early phases of external examinations as practical aspects of courses are examined. These can be Art exams, language orals or Drama performances. After Songkran the external examinations of our three examination boards; Cambridge International Assessment, AQA and Edexcel start in earnest and go right through to the end of June. Students in Y11, Y12 and Y13 should now be heeding the advice of their teachers and drawing up revision plans to be followed over for the next two months. Students know that success doesn’t come from luck but though good preparation. (Good luck anyway!).

I love working in an international school because you never know what might happen or what talents staff and students might have. At our Spring Fair I was really impressed with the quality of the performances of our student bands. Our judges will have a tough job in this year’s Prep’s Got Talent show trying to separate out a winner from all competitors. Winning is a great feeling but then so is taking part and being part of something. Our BISAC Athletes at the weekend were all striving for the top places but know that not everyone can win. However, aiming for personal bests and competing against oneself is where development, progress and character are built.

Three students really stuck in my mind this week. Student A was walking down the stairs reading a book. I did the usual sensible teacher conversation ’be careful you might trip’ and then discovered she was reading a novel in French because her grandfather was from France. She was so engrossed in the story that she risked falling over. I regret not asking her what the book was – hopefully she’ll read this and come and tell me! Student B found 100THB on the floor at Spring Fair and handed it in to me in case someone had lost it. Such honesty and integrity is admirable. No one claimed it by Tuesday so I was happy to let him have the money as a small reward. Doing the right thing when no one is looking is a real test of character – Student B easily passed the test! Student C was having Vegemite sandwiches and before I knew it we had introduced her friends to a famous Australian band from the 80s with the immortal lines of:

“I said… Do you speak-a my language?

He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich”

For the record I prefer Marmite! If you don’t know them they are fine examples of the fifth taste group of umami, which Western scientists only recently discovered although it had long been known in Asia.

Our students show excellence and character everywhere, you just have to look a little harder sometimes to see it.

Have a wonderful Songkran and see you all on 22nd April for the start of Term Three.


Kind regards


Nigel Wilsonlock

Head of Secondary

Our Campus


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