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Milil’s Continued Badminton Success

Milil is in Year 1 and at just 6 1/2 years old is the youngest badminton player I have come across in all my years teaching. Milil was extremely excited to share with me and her class her badminton success from last week and I feel very proud of her efforts within the sport thus far in her career.

With the support of her parents, Milil has been playing Badminton for about a year. She has taken part in both doubles and singles play. There are 3 tournaments that she joined. She was one of 8 players that advanced to the final round in a competition. Now, she is participating in the Ayudhaya Amphansuwan Tournament, and 3 more tournaments in May, such as The Angle Thailand Junior #2 Championship 2019 by Li-Ning’.

I look forward to follow the success of Milil as she pursues this passion.

Joanne North

Head of Primary PE

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