Nearly two years in the making: Guy makes history, and a wonderful show! - Bangkok Prep

Nearly two years in the making: Guy makes history, and a wonderful show!

Guy in Year 8 has been involved as a voice actor in the very first Thai animated cartoon commissioned and released by Netflix globally.

The process began in September 2020, when Guy was asked to voice a character in the ‘Sea of Love’ animation pilot episode. About a year later, The Monk Studios advised that Netflix had agreed to buy and fund the making of the rest of the series, but asked that all of the original characters be voiced by new actors – all except Guy’s character, Bruda!

So Guy then entered a production process of voice-recording all fifteen scripts over a period of some two months – including singing the theme song which also involved Guy’s sister Frances (Year 12). After that there is another six months to wait where the animation is finalised and tied to the sound, there is another pick-up round of recording to add the non-verbal sounds, atmospherics and background (the ‘walla’).

Another six months passes and on Monday 23rd May, the series is finally launched and can now be found on Netflix (all regions). The same day a box of ‘Sea of Love’ merchandise arrived for Guy as a thank you for his contribution. The cartoon is aimed at pre-school children, so whilst it may be on the playlist for our younger community members, why not check it out over the long weekend? It is a great series that showcases the talents we have in Thailand. And it is truly an inspiration to see that opportunities like this exist for us all.


This is a wonderful achievement on a global scale and I may not be pre-school but, I recommend enjoying the underwater picnic with Bruda and the gang. -Very enjoyable for the young and young at heart!

With thanks to Guy and his family for sharing this great news with us.




Differences are natural. Living together in harmony amidst these differences is the message at the heart of Sea of Love, the first English-language animated series for pre-schoolers from Thai creators. The Netflix press release is here.



‘Sea of Love’, Netflix’s first pre-school animation series by Thai creators, puts friendship at the heart of the ocean….. And you know one of the stars!




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