New Sports Department Appointments 2020-21 - Bangkok Prep

New Sports Department Appointments 2020-21

This academic year, Bangkok Prep Sports Department have hired new staff and added 7 new positions to enhance our sports provision at Bangkok Prep. These new appointments include:

  1. Mr.Tanyapong Petrak (Ball)

Position: PE and Sport Administration Assistant at T77


  1. Mr.Suphachai Kosila (Toby)

Position: Secondary PE Teaching Assistant


  1. Mr.Wiriya Bangyai (Andy)

Position: Primary Swim Coach


  1. Mr. Andrew Duckworth

Head of Primary Aquatics


  1. Mr. Anawin Phothong (Ting)

Gymnastic Coach


  1. Name: Ms. Supavadee Kunchuan (Bo)

Basketball Coach


  1. Ms. Pattamaporn Kamjan (Tai)

Tennis Coach


There is a major sports developmental programme underway at Bangkok Prep. Currently the school has teams joining BISAC, FOBISIA & TISAC leagues – competing against the most revered athletes from Bangkok’s top International Schools.

Due to COVID-19 which may potentially prohibit inter-schools competitions, our Sports Department aims to continue training programmes within the school – including internal team competitions among students.

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