New Woodland is the Latest Addition to Bangkok Prep - Bangkok Prep

New Woodland is the Latest Addition to Bangkok Prep

We are excited to announce a significant development for Bangkok Prep – during the summer we successfully acquired the woodland area adjacent to our Tennis Academy, marking a valuable addition to our school community. This woodland is likely the last remaining untouched natural plot within the T77 community.

A comprehensive land survey has already been conducted, allowing for planning and development of an immersive teaching and learning environment surrounded by the beauty of nature. This initiative is fully aligned with our school’s overarching vision: Preparing Our Community for a Sustainable Global Future. Our commitment to this vision is further emphasised by our dedication to delivering an enriched curriculum that places innovation, sustainability, creativity and health at its core.

We firmly believe that a safe and enjoyable learning environment is essential for fostering holistic growth and development among our students. By integrating this newly acquired woodland into our educational landscape, we aim to provide a unique platform where students can explore and thrive while imbibing the values of environmental stewardship.


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