Notes from Primary Music - 05.03.2021 - Bangkok Prep

Notes from Primary Music – 05.03.2021

Notes from Primary Music:

Listening focus and new Class test trials – Years 3 – 6

This week we have seen the pilot of a new type of music class test for listening. Students have been completing these tests on Ipads and Chromebooks, while listening to a piece of music by Nkeiru Okoye called Voices Shouting Out. 


Nkeiru Okoye is a fascinating composer of Nigerian and American heritage, who not only reflected our February focus on Black History Month, but also reflects our March focus which is Women’s Empowerment Month, and Nkeiru Okoye is the first female composer we have listened to! She will not be our last – we will celebrate the work of Hildegard Von Bingen (1098-1179) also known as Saint Hildegard – a German Benedictine nun, composer and philosopher from the Middle Ages. We will also listen to American composer Joan Tower.

Lisa Morgan

Head of Primary Music

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