Notes from Primary Music - 19.03.2021 - Bangkok Prep

Notes from Primary Music – 19.03.2021

The Watkins Duo concert for Bangkok Prep!!!!

The Watkins Duo featuring Rowena Calvert (Cello) and Rhys Watkins (Violin) performed 3 thrilling concerts for all students in each Key Stage yesterday – exclusively for Bangkok Prep!!!

Students were enthralled with the virtuosic playing, skill and sensitivity of the duo’s performance as they wowed us with pieces that included:

– Handel’s Passacaglia (arr. Halvorsen)

– Handel’s Adagio

– Monti’s Czardas (arr. Parkin)

   CHECK OUT this performance

Piazzolla’s Escuelo (arr. Parkin)

Students then had the opportunity to ask the dynamic duo questions about different topics such as their music training, background and favourite composers. The Watkins Duo told us interesting stories and also educated us about the string instruments and orchestral playing. They even let a few lucky students conduct them!

Special thanks to The Watkins Duo for coming to our school to play and teach us! We were indeed so very fortunate to hear you!


Lisa Morgan

Head of Primary Music

The Watkins Duo quiz!

The students learnt so much from The Watkins Duo. They not only performed amazing pieces but also talked a lot about the instruments of the orchestra, the parts of the cello, what the strong instruments are made out of, and also about film music and the London Symphony Orchestra. See if your children can answer these questions about the topics discussed in the concert today!

  1. What were strings made out of in the old days?

  2. What animal does the bow hairs come from?

  3. Which famous movie soundtracks has Mr Rhys played in, when he was playing with the London Symphony Orchestra? (Hint: he played parts of these movie themes for us!)

  4. Which country are Rhys Watkins and Rowena Calvert from? 

  5. How did Rhys start learning violin? 

  6. Years 3 and 6 – Do you remember the story about the LSO and the Titanic? If so tell your parents!

  7. How do we tell how old a tree is? 

  8. What is the body of Rowen’s cello made of? 

  9. How old was Rowena’s cello? 

  10. Tell your parents one other interesting thing you learned and what you liked about the concert.

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