Green Winter Fair And Christmas Concert - Bangkok Prep

Notes from the Primary Music Department: Green Winter Fair & Christmas Concert

Well the last week or so of term has been a busy one for the Primary Music Department indeed.

After months and months of rehearsal and preparation, all participants in the Music ECA’s and a selection of soloists put on a brilliant show to open the 2019 Green Winter Fair on Saturday 7th December. The fair opened with the amazing Rock and Rollers blasting off with the song It’s My Life to an amazed and frenzied audience. Jon Bon Jovi would have been proud! Led by Ms Morgan and accompanied by Mr Cooke, the band were fantastic! The Rock and Rollers then joined the KS1 Piccolo Choir as they sang Feliz Navidad, directed by Ms. Morgan. KS1 Piccolo choir then sang two songs – Angels in the Snow and I want a Hippopotamus, directed by Miss Frisbie and accompanied by Ms. Morgan. We then welcomed the Recorder Ensemble who performed 3 Christmas pieces – Jolly Old St Nicholas, Jingle Bells and We wish you a Merry Christamas, all directed by Miss Frisbie and accompanied by Ms. Morgan. Following this, our audience were delighted by a few selected soloists: first Mimi from 4CC beautifully playing Silent Night on Ukulele, Boss from 4CC singing a charming rendition of I’m Yours, followed by twins Maya from 5EW and Saya from 5MF playing a piano duet called the Spanischer Tanz. The solo set ended with Cake of 4AW singing a powerful rendition of the song Speechless from the movie Aladdin.  The Primary Music hour ended joyfully with the KS2 Primary Choir singing Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus is coming to town and the finale We wish you a Merry Christmas, which was co-directed by Ms Morgan and Miss Frisbie. The entire show was a beautiful display of the immense talents of our budding young musicians in ECA’s.

On Wednesday 11th December, the Primary Orchestra and the KS2 Primary Choir joined forces with the Secondary musicians and dramaturgs to perform at the 2019 Christmas Concert, held in the T77 Auditorium. The concert opened with the KS2 Primary Choir singing a beautiful ballad called Winter Carol, directed by Miss Frisbie and accompanied by Ms Hardwick, Head of Secondary music. The choir then sang a rousing, energetic song called African Noel, which featured choir members playing bass borduns, xylophone, tubano, maracas and claves, and featuring solo singer Kano Shimizu, all accompanied by Ms Frisbie and directed by Ms. Morgan.

The Primary Orchestra then took to the stage and performed two pieces: first, the Waltz of the Flowers by Tchaikovsky, then the Hungarian Dance No. 5, by Brahms, both of which were directed by Miss Frisbie. All performers in both primary and secondary then united on the stage to joyfully sing the classic Feliz Navidad. The concert delighted their audience.

Finally, today all students in primary got together in the sports hall for the Annual House Christmas Sing Off. The sing off opened with the Rock and Rollers struttin’ their stuff, before each house delighted the school with their unique and creative renditions of Christmas classics. The sing off ended with KS 1 Piccolo Choir and KS 2 Primary Choir leading the school in joyful song.

Many thanks to Mrs. Lyn Blakemore for her support of the KS1 Piccolo Choir this term, to Mr David Cooke for leading the Rock Guitar Club and helping out the Rock and Rollers, as well as TA’s Ms. Amm, Ms Jetaime and Ms Pink for accompanying/assisting students at the Concert rehearsals over at T77. Thanks of course to all parents, as well as admin and all teachers for their unending support.

Ms Frisbie, Mr Cooke and I are all so immensely proud of your commitment, hard work and dedication to being the best singers and musicians you could be. We can’t wait for more music making with all of our Music ECA’s as we continue through next term and the rest of the year!


Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Ms Lisa Morgan

A VERY proud Head of Primary Music.


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