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O-Zone Air Cleaning System Installed in Early Years

A new air cleaning and air quality control system has been installed in our Early Years classrooms to ensure the cleanliness and safety of our Early Years children.

This state of the art system utilises the following features:

  • It reduces the risk of infectious diseases traveling through the air by using the same industrial grade air purification system used in hospitals and dental clinics.
  • The wind force of 1,700 CMH, equivalent to 3-5 general air purifiers, cleaning the air throughout the room for 6-10 cycles per hour (6-10 ACH).
  • It uses the principle of installation of Pre – Air con Filtration to purify the air before forwarding it to the air conditioner. Preventing the spread of infection.
  • Fresh Air is monitored and controlled to dilute germs and help increase the amount of O2. Reduced Co2 in the air helps our youngest learners to think more clearly.
  • It removes contaminants in the air, reducing the amount of PM2.5 dust more than 10 times.

Lastly, it helps eliminate bacteria, germs, viruses with UV-C lamp sterilisation.

Safety and cleanliness is our top priority. We cannot wait for our students to use it!

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