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Our Long Term Commitment in Yala

Bangkok Prep are committed to supporting the residents of Yala, the southernmost province of Thailand, where Luuk Rieng house charity are based.

You may remember that we hosted a charity chef table event with Year 9 student Chef Keeta in January, just before COVID-19 happened, which raised over 100,000 baht for Luuk Rieng scholarships.

One of the scholarship recipients was Pangporn, an 11 year-old boy who was affected by the violence in the southern provinces. Pangporn’s goal is to graduate from university and become an e-sport gamer to earn income for his injured mother. This scholarship has allowed him to be one step closer to his dream. It really has changed his life.

K.Chompoo, the founder of Luuk Rieng, sends her thanks to everyone at Bangkok Prep for their donations and support. It is not just the lives of children that we have helped, but also those in the wider community.

During a recent visit to Luuk Rieng, the school was delighted to be able to offer 3 more scholarships from Bangkok Prep to show our belief in a long term commitment and sustainable development with the charity.

These scholarships reflect and reiterate our vision and commitment for sustainable development within this community.

This has been a great opportunity for us to learn from people like Luuk Rieng, and many others from around the country and the world. They are an excellent example of an authentic and sustainable civil society.

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