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Owen inspires the Landmark Hotel to use less plastic

One Year 4 student’s work was so inspiring that it even influenced the actions of the Landmark hotel in Bangkok.

“I decided to change what the Landmark Bangkok does; it has a happy hour and me and my family go and get the amazing pastries. However, the pastries were wrapped up in plastic bags. So, I wrote a letter to the manager to try and change this. A few days later, I was very excited because I got an email reply from the manager saying they would try to find a solution. A week later, they found an environmentally friendly solution where they now use a wooden box with a glass lid and paper bags. They then sent me some photos of the changes that they had made”.

Owen George

Year 4

Below is the email that Owen received from the Manager of the Landmark Hotel


Dear Owen,

Good morning and hope you had a fun weekend.

I thought I would update you on the progress of the evening bakery sale and how we have reduced the plastic use.

If you recall, one of the main reasons we were packaging in plastic was for health and hygiene concerns.  However, our team has come up with a solution and we now place all the bakery items in a box with a see through cover.  This allows us to maintain a high level of food safety and reduce the plastic packaging.  All items purchased are then removed from the box and placed in a paper bag.  Please see the attached photos.

Once again, thank you for bringing this environmental concern to our attention and I am glad that we have found a new solution to reduce our plastic consumption. Enjoy your last few weeks of school and have a great summer ahead.

Kind regards,

Francis X. Zimmerman

General Manager| The Landmark Bangkok

Our Campus


BANGKOK, 10110

77 สุขุมวิท 77 วัฒนา
กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110