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Students in Years 12 and 13 have enjoyed a variety of engaging discussions and activities in Oxplore Club so far this term. This began with a fascinating talk led by Year 13 students Katie Lee and Shree Dubey on the topic of Behavioural Economics and, more specifically, how “Nudge Theory” has played a part in the current global pandemic. This was followed by a talk led by Mr. Watters and Mr. Morton about Colonialism. It was great to see so many students feeling confident enough to challenge their teachers and evolve the academic discussions further!

The following week, the students enjoyed a Zoom session about Interview Skills with an expert from the UK organisation InvestIN. 

Last week, students had the opportunity to have discussions in smaller groups and consider the question “Could we end disease?”. This led to some thought-provoking ideas from many different subject perspectives. 

This week, the students enjoyed a very engaging and inspiring discussion on The History of Economics, led by Dr. Torplus Yomnak, Assistant Professor at Chulalongkorn University. It was a great opportunity for students to experience what a university-level lecture may be like, as well as ask our expert questions about studying at university. 

We look forward to many more exciting opportunities to come in Oxplore Club!



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