PASS testing at Primary - Bangkok Prep

PASS testing at Primary

As you will no doubt be aware, assessment is a vital part of education, and at Bangkok Prep we utilise the most effective assessment tools to ensure the progress, attainment and wellbeing of our children.

At the end of January, our Primary children will take part in our yearly PASS testing. Social and emotional wellbeing is essential for effective learning, and with the challenging circumstances brought about by COVID, this has become more important than ever! There will always be children who lack confidence in their learning, or who are dealing with other challenges that affect their feelings about school. If a child is quiet, they can sometimes go unnoticed, even though underlying issues can have a serious impact on their attainment and engagement with learning.

PASS testing focuses on three broad areas – how a pupil feels about themselves, their engagement with the curriculum, and their feelings about school. During these short tests, the children will respond to a series of statements about school and learning. They take just 20 minutes to complete, and are available in 26 languages.

All of our assessment tools are carefully selected to provide us with the most effective data to meet the needs of our children, and our PASS testing helps us to nurture and provide effective pastoral support to all of our children and ensure they really do reach their full potential!

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