Prep Gazette Issue 3! - Bangkok Prep

Prep Gazette Issue 3!

It is my honour to share with you edition 3 of the Prep Gazette, click on the cover to check it out:

Our authors, editors, designers and creators have created an amazing publication. Read it now for a newsflash, song recommendations, a literary review, the launch of a new ECA, and a quiz. All included with some very thought provoking reads on issues that really matter to our students, and us all. -This week, “Men’s Mental Health Awareness” and climate change.

We are a busy school with so many opportunities and I hope everyone is joining in with something, or starting something, that brings them joy. If you love it, others will love it too -reach out, share the love and get connected. Students are doing amazing things at Bangkok Prep every day and you can lead the way.


Tia Court-Smith

Head of Secondary

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