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Preparing for University: How an International School Curriculum Can Benefit Your Child’s Higher Education Goals

Preparing a child for university can be daunting at best. How do you know that they are studying the right curriculum? How do you know the true value of their qualifications outside of school? As a parent, making these decisions can leave us feeling anxious or worried. Everyone wants the best for their child, but how do we achieve it? This article will discuss the importance of a good curriculum and the value of studying at an internationally recognised school. We will share our knowledge on what is best for your child’s success in higher education and beyond. 

What are universities looking for?

This can be a complicated question because it depends on the potential student’s aspirations and the university’s location and status. Many local universities don’t set their entry requirements too high. However, to make the most out of higher education, it is best to aim high. World-class universities seek students with versatile skills, well-spoken English, and internationally recognised qualifications such as A-levels. The one place you are guaranteed to meet all three of these requirements is in a reputable school that abides by international standards. 

What are internationally recognised qualifications?

Internationally recognised qualifications are qualifications that adhere to the standards set by the best educational institutions in the world. International schools will usually use a curriculum that has been developed in countries such as the United Kingdom, the USA, or Australia. This means that the qualifications gained at international schools can be transferred and used in most countries throughout the world, providing a much better education when a child moves on to university. 

The power of holding international qualifications

International qualifications have many advantages across all areas of a person’s life. For instance, a student will gain a chance to truly master the Lingua Franca (global language), which can be one of the strongest and most versatile tools in the modern world. There is a variety of skills taught at international schools that a person would not have the chance to study anywhere else, such as music, drama, art, foreign language, design and technology, digital media, and much more. This will broaden a child’s knowledge and help them gain an excellent understanding of the world around them. On top of the high standard of qualifications that a student will achieve, these are the things that prestigious universities will be looking at in their applicants. 

The benefits of international education also go beyond university. Indeed, they are a tool to gain access to the best universities, but they will also help develop and prepare a person for much more throughout their lives. The benefits of English will allow a student to build a social network throughout the world, which is both great for social skills and making contacts when it comes to finding work. Many employers also desire fluency and fluidity in English. An English-speaking person can give an organisation much more than someone restricted to their local language. 

In conclusion, international schools can provide the foundation a child needs to make the most out of their life. Whether it is gaining access to top universities, building a social network, or having more employment options in the future, international education is undoubtedly the best way to go. 

What specific qualifications do universities want?

Depending on the goals of the student, universities will look for different things in their application. The number one thing they want to see in an application is qualifications from a world-recognised curriculum. Besides that, it all depends on what your child wants to study when moving to university. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular university courses.

Accounting and Finance This university course would require a good maths level in both GCSE and A-level to be considered. Besides this, a student is free to study what they want. Good options to accompany it might be an English and ICT A-level.

Art and Design Good A-level options to study this at university are art, design and technology, design, or digital media.

Medicine To study medicine, a student needs an education that is science-based. This will usually include A-levels in chemistry, biological sciences, and maths. 

Humanities A-levels to assist access to this course would include English, literature, history, geography, religious studies, art, or music. 

As you can see, the requirements can be very different depending on what your child wants to study at university. An international school will give a student the option to study a wide variety of A-levels to further their education in any way that they desire. 

Support that international schools can provide to help a child get into a good university

International schools will have a team of highly qualified teachers and staff who can give the best guidance for whatever a student wishes to do when they leave school. As well as helping them with university advice and applications, they can discuss other options, such as internships and apprenticeships worldwide. 

Want to know more? Just ask.

If you want to know more about how an international school curriculum can benefit your child’s future, then get in touch with Bangkok Prep today. Our leading international school in Bangkok offers a world-class curriculum facilitated by internationally qualified teachers. We offer the support that your child needs to achieve their dreams. 

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