Primary ART COMPETITION - Bangkok Prep


We are now approaching our 20th anniversary, and as part of our Strategic Theme of ‘Reflect, Refresh and Move forward’ we are reflecting upon our Bangkok Prep Life Values.

We would like you to think of a value that you think is important. It can be one of our existing Life Values (Internationally Minded,  Communicators, Honest, Responsible, Problem Solvers, Resourceful, Community Minded, Caring, Team Workers, Respectful, Active Learners)

or it can be a new one such as Kind, Brave, Resilient, Creative…

It should be whatever YOU value! Once you have chosen, create some wonderful artwork to represent that value.

You can use any materials you want!

Winners will be published in the Weekly Blog and will receive a Special Prize!

Please hand in your completed artwork to Mr Breen (at the Primary Office) and make sure you write your name and class on the back! (CLOSING DATE IS JANUARY 29th)



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