Primary Campus @77 Update from the Head of School - Bangkok Prep

Primary Campus @77 Update from the Head of School

Dear Bangkok Prep Community

We are really excited about our new Primary campus @77 facility developments. On Tuesday 31st January, the construction company presented some completed areas to the Bangkok Prep Team. As we walked through the campus, we took some photographs that we would like to share with you. We are very pleased with the progress of this important project which is on schedule and will be ready for family tours in the near future.

Primary 25m Swimming Pool                                        

Music Recital Hall

Primary Sports Hall                                               

Floor 3 to Floor 2 Slide

We recognise that many families will be planning for this alteration in the school location so we have provided some provisional information which may be helpful. As we get nearer to the end of Term 3, we will provide more specific details as necessary.


Will the timings of the school day change next year?

There will be no significant changes to the start time and end time of the Primary and Secondary school day, however sometimes may be adjusted very slightly to ensure consistency and efficiency for the community. One noticeable change is that the National Anthem will be played across the whole school when the Primary children are in their classrooms and the Secondary students are on their way to their tutor session for registration.


How do we get to the School Campus @77?

There are a wide range of recommended access routes to the whole school campus @77 from August 2023. It has many routes that are available if you come by car and there are also multiple options for parking. For more details please see our Firefly page here.


Will there be any changes to the shuttle services from BTS including adding additional capacity?

A BTS shuttle bus service to and from On Nut BTS will continue to be offered using the combined Sansiri/Bangkok Prep buses and additional school mini vans.


Will there be a bus from the old Thonglor campus to the new 77 campus?

A shuttle bus service will be offered from the current Primary Campus @53 to and from the new Primary @77 campus.  More details will be shared in due course once we have analysed the results of the Community Transport survey. To help us in designing a transport plan which supports our families, please complete this Transport survey and the survey link will also be in the Primary Weekly Blog this week Friday 3rd February. The results of this survey will enable us to gather expressions of interest so we can plan accordingly.


What time will you need to drop off your kids at the Primary Campus @53 to take the bus?

Currently, It is estimated that the departure time will be approximately 7.00am from Primary Campus @53.


Will the school be acquiring multiple buses to handle the additional capacity?

Bus registration and sign up will be required in Term 3 so we can plan the buses to cater for the needs of our community.


Will children be organised by year group, or are early years kids mixed with secondary kids?

It is likely there will be a mixture of age groups.


Will there be any bus monitors?

Depending on the community requirements which are gathered from the Community Transport survey.


How will the end of school return journey work with different ending times for different year groups, with and without ECAs?

Afternoon departure times will be adjusted according to the end of the school day and ECAs for both Primary and Secondary.


I am sure you are all very excited about our new facilities. Please see the weekly blog for more campus updates and opportunities for you to tour the new campus beginning in March.



Warm regards


Duncan Stonehouse

Head of School

Our Campus


BANGKOK, 10110

77 สุขุมวิท 77 วัฒนา
กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110