Primary ECO ECA Trip to the Forest Campus! - Bangkok Prep

Primary ECO ECA Trip to the Forest Campus!

What an exciting afternoon each member of the Primary ECO ECA Team had!

There was excitement in the air on Thursday morning, as each member of the ECO ECA greeted me with a plethora of questions throughout the day regarding our trip to the Forest Campus. Clearly excited, all the children arrived on time at 1.30pm at our meeting point, ready and raring to go. Once all members had topped up their water bottles and gathered their belongings, we were ready to set off. As we approached the mini vans, each child put on their life jackets and then had their partner check to see if it was fastened correctly. As all thumbs went up, all the children then got into each minivan, seat belts on and away we went!

The main aim of this trip was to take the ECO team outside of their typical school environment and immerse them in nature (albeit for a short time), and for us to set up our scientific investigation.

Over the last few weeks we have focussed our attention on single-use plastics and just how dangerous and harmful they are to our community and the environment we live in. A scary statistic is that only 9% of the world’s plastic is actually recycled. Let that sink in, 1 in 10 plastic bottles are actually reused! So, then came the inevitable question, what happens to all of the plastic which isn’t recycled? Where does it go? How long does it take to ‘go’ away?

As all of the children stepped off each minivan, we again made sure that all life jackets were safe and secure. As all thumbs went up once again, all legs began to march over to the pier in single file. We then took the boat across from one pier to the other, a total journey of less than 2 minutes! All children demonstrated outstanding behaviour and responsibility. A real credit to Bangkok Prep!

Once everyone was off of the boat safely, after a quick head count, we set off on foot to the Bangkok Prep Forest Campus. Within 6 short minutes, we had arrived at our destination. Ready to conduct our scientific investigation.

It is believed that it could take around 450 years for a single-use plastic bottle to degrade. So, this again made all of the members of the ECO ECA think… IF it takes 450 years for one bottle to degrade, how long does it take for a variety of materials to degrade? Would it take a tea bag the same amount of time as a plastic bottle? Or would it degrade quicker, or longer?

So, once all the children had washed their hands and had a quick snack. We then set to work and set up our experiment to put this to the test! We brought 5 huge water coolers with us. We then filled each one with water each from the hose and water from the local river water from the local source at the Forest Campus. Each water cooler then contained the following materials:

  1. Plastic bottles, straw and containers
  2. Different types of fabric
  3. A selection of bananas
  4. A Bangkok Prep Yearbook
  5. Tea bags (with the labels on!)

It was great to witness each and every child taking part and getting involved with their hands-on learning task! Once all materials were in each water cooler and the water was topped off, we labelled each water cooler bottle and dated them. Over the course of the next two terms, we will monitor the progress of each type of material in eac water cooler. Which material do you think would degrade first? Which material would degrade the slowest? What do you think?

In the coming weeks and months we aim to raise the awareness of just how harmful single-use plastic is for our community and the environment in which we live.

This trip would have been a success without so many brilliant people. Special thanks to Khun Netty for helping to organise the trip, Ms Tarn for her brilliant Thai communication skills and for accompanying us on the trip, and Mr Fearon for taking the time to accompany us and for his superior drone skills. And finally Ms Amm, for helping us to source the water coolers and for cutting them for us!


What a trip!

Mr Wooldridge







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