Primary Eco Team Attend ‘Eco Beasts Conference' - Bangkok Prep

Primary Eco Team Attend ‘Eco Beasts Conference’

On Monday 7th October 6 students from the Eco team were selected to attend the ‘Eco Beasts Conference’ hosted at St Andrews 71. It was an action packed day with sustainable workshops and talks about different eco ideas. The children took part in lots of fun activities including, making compost, melting plastic to make new things, making eco bricks, redesigning old t shirts and much more. We listened to inspiring talks from sustainable companies like The Shark Guardians, Trash Heroes, Mindful Sparks, Eco Beasts, to name a few. It was a fantastic event and the students left it buzzing with lots of exciting ideas about how we can be a more sustainable school at Bangkok Prep! I look forward to seeing what the Eco team can help to achieve this year!

Clare Magee

Eco Team Coordinator

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