Primary FOBISIA 2019 - Bangkok Prep

Primary FOBISIA 2019

This week, we had 20 Primary athletes and 4 coaches take part in their FOBISIA Games in Thanyapura, Phuket.

On Monday the team competed in swimming and athletics. Many of our 20 swimmers and athletes placed 1st-3rd in their events and took home an individual medal. Out of the 35 swimming events we took part in, 29 1st – 3rd medals were received and out of the 55 athletics events 26 1st – 3rd medals were won.

On Tuesday the teams split into 2 mixed gender tball teams. Both teams won 3 games, lost 1 and drew 1. Team-A received 3rd Place overall and Team-B came 2nd. The teams were very pleased with their accomplishments and we’re super pleased we have 2 more trophies to add to the PE and Sports department trophy cabinet.

On Wednesday the boys played football in the morning, winning 2 games, losing 2 and drawing 1. A great effort from the boys as they narrowly missed out on a top 3 finish. The girl’s football tournament took place in the afternoon, they drew 1, lost 3, and won 1 game.  A fantastic effort from the girls who placed 5th overall. A top effort all round. Well done to both teams.

Our Primary FOBISIA team arrived home Thursday afternoon tired from 3 days of competition, tanned from competing in the Phuket sun and excited to be back home with their family and friends to show off their medals and tell stories of the week’s events.

Well done to the coaches and athletes for all the months of training and preparation for this FOBISIA Games. Thank you to the parent supporters who took hundreds of amazing photos throughout the competition and stood on the side-lines supporting the team. It was an excellent competition and lovely to have everyone home safely.

For the teams daily updates and photos, please follow the FOBISIA firefly link:  

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