Primary FOBISIA Day 2 tball Results - Bangkok Prep

Primary FOBISIA Day 2 tball Results

Our tball teams had a brilliant day yesterday.

Both teams made so much personal and team progress throughout the day. We had double and triple outs being made, our batters outsmarting their fielding opposition by stealing bases before time had been called, and batters placing balls between fielders.

Our end of day results were a fantastic way to complete this tball tournament. Well done to all the players and thank you for all the parent support again today.

Win Loss Draw Overall Place
A team

BPR 8 v 7 RSP

BPR 14 v 12 DCSZ

BPR 18 v 9 ELC

DBS 17 v 12 BPR BPR 15 v 15 BHM

1st DBS

2nd BHM

3rd BPS

4th DCSZ

5th RSP

6th ELC

B team

BPR 14 v 13 BHM

BPR 13 v 9 DCSZ

BPR 16 v 9 ELC

BPR 12 v 13 RSP DBS 9 v 9 BPR

1st BHM

2nd BPS

3rd  RSP

4th DBS

5th  DCSZ

6th ELC

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