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Primary Library and Book Sale

We moved from 53 and we love our new library! It’s huge. It’s gorgeous. It’s reorganised. And we have new furniture!

You’ll find our fiction books (story books) in BLACK bookcases along the walls and windows of our library. All information, nonfiction books and periodicals are organised by Dewey Decimal System in GREEN bookcases between the large pillars. Our World Languages (Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Thai) have their own section. Come and check it out! 

We kicked off the new school year with Books@53 and Kinokuniya book stores in the foyer outside the library.

Through your purchases, the library earned vouchers to buy several wonderful books for the library. Look for new titles in the near future, as the books are being processed now. Several former Magic Pass students helped choose these new books for the library.

Thank you for your continued support, especially to all the students and parents who purchased books! 


This is YOUR library, so come by and visit soon! 

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