Primary Maths Day - Bangkok Prep

Primary Maths Day

Maths Day – EYFS/KS1

Friday 10th February was Maths Day at Bangkok Prep. The children in the Early Years and Key Stage 1 were learning about different aspects of money (including how to keep it safe) in class and during assembly. They even used real coins to make the experience more authentic!

In KS1, the children went over the denominations of the Thai Baht coins. In Year 1, the children kept a tally of the amounts of the coins given in each bag. They then had a go at problem solving which two coins they could use to purchase items. In Year 2, the children found various ways they could create the sum of 27 baht and made their own money box to keep money safe.

In Early Years, the Reception children had the opportunity to explore totals to 10 baht, where they had to select the correct purse showing the correct amount of money to buy an item, or they could choose the item they could buy based on the amount of money they had in their purse. They also had a go looking at, matching and sorting Thai baht coins. In Nursery, the children had had real life objects with prices on up to 10. They had to build the correct amount using 1 baht coins on 10 frames.

The fun did not stop there! Outside in the garden there was a money hunt. The children had to find all the different coins and money banknotes hidden around the garden. Each time they found one, they had to record it on a piece of paper to make sure nothing was missed!


Maths Day – KS2


Children in KS2 were learning all about budgeting money in class and in our assemblies for Bangkok Prep’s Maths Day. . Children all have access to Squirrel online learning platform which we are using in school to learn how to budget our money. When using Squirrel online, children have the opportunity to save money and move money between their current account, savings account and emergency fund. At home, ask your child how they are budgeting their squirrel money!

In Years 3 and 4, children took part in a budgeting task which asked them to plan a trip to the cinema. Children had $35 to spend and had to ensure they paid for transport, ticket cost and the delicious popcorn and treats. They had to use their adding, subtracting and problem solving skills to spend their money wisely. As you can see from the pictures, children thoroughly enjoyed planning their trip. Year 4 had an outdoor problem solving relay which involved teamwork and was lots of fun!

In Year 5 and 6, children took part in a budgeting task which involved them studying a bank statement to calculate income and expenditure for the month. They had to use their problem-solving skills, as well as their addition, subtraction and multiplication skills to calculate the money that the family had at the start and end of the month.



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