Primary Safer Internet Day 2020 - Bangkok Prep

Primary Safer Internet Day 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This week at Bangkok Prep Primary we have focused our attention all around Online Safety and have had the opportunity to promote best practice. We do try and focus our attention with Online Safety throughout the school year in different curriculum areas, not only just in computing lessons. On Tuesday 11th February we celebrated Safer Internet Day 2020.

Children across the Primary phase had the opportunity to learn more about this important subject area. As I am sure you as parents or relatives of younger children know all too well. The Internet can seem like a scary place, but the more we focus our attention to minimise the dangers and promote best practice we can ensure children get the most from using the Internet.

Children in Primary participated in numerous activities within their year groups and had the chance to participate in activities which were available in the Undercroft throughout the week. I also asked children ‘What did people do before the Internet was invented?’. Please watch the video and see whether you agree with some of their ideas.

One of the activities was for children to ‘post’ a comment to their peers or teachers, with an emphasis on positivity and mindfulness. They had to ensure they read the message before they sent it to ensure they were spreading ‘posting positivity’ and not using the platform to share negative thoughts or feelings. They did this without access to a device or the Internet. But instead, they wrote down their message. The aim was for children to realise how they interact with others on the Internet vs how they would interact face to face or with a written letter. The main take away from this activity was that children learned that when they post or comment using the Internet, that post will more than likely stay there! So we should be mindful about how and what we post which other users can see.

Children also had the chance to participate in an activity which was based all around their ‘Digital Footprint’. Signs were placed to encourage discussion amongst children and they were then given the opportunity to draw/ write what they think their digital footprint is. If you would like to know more about your child’s digital footprint, please see this informative video.

A special thanks to all of the KS2 Digital Defenders who did a wonderful job to encourage children to participate in the activities and for delivering all of the ‘posts’ children posted. And a special thanks to Ms. Rhung and Ms. Soh who made the magnificent giant feet!

If you would like to know more about Online Safety and specifically how this affects you, your family and, your child(ren), please visit Common Sense Media. The website has a wealth of information, activities and provides a breakdown of applications in terms of: safety, recommended age, app recommendations and lots more.

If you would like to know more about Online Safety, please email any questions or queries you may have at


I hope you and your family have a wonderful and safe half-term break!


Andy Wooldridge

Primary Computing Coordinator

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