Primary School Photographs: 22nd – 24th February 2021 - Bangkok Prep

Primary School Photographs: 22nd – 24th February 2021

Dear Parent and Guardians

The official Primary School Photographs will be taking place at the Primary Campus from Monday 22nd February until Thursday 25th February.

We will be using a professional photography company to take individual and class photographs. Details of how these can be purchased will be distributed after the photographs have been taken.

Class teachers will attend the photograph sessions with their classes to ensure that none of the sessions are missed. We ask that on the days(s) your son/daughter is having photographs taken, they wear their usual high standard of full school uniform and arrive to school on time so that they do not miss their class photograph session.

During the visit from the photography team, there will also be optional sibling photography opportunities. These sessions will take place from 14:15 until 15:00. If you would like your child/children to have a photograph taken with their brothers and/or sisters, please sign them out and take them to Room 215 (which is located in the main building on the same floor as Year 2) to have their photograph taken together.

Thank you for your support in making sure we are all ready to best represent ourselves and the school next week. We look forward to seeing lots of beautiful smiles!

This is the schedule for the photograph sessions:



Mon 22nd Feb Tues 23rd Feb Wed 24th Feb Thurs 25th Feb
08:00-08:25 3BS 1CM 4FS
08:25-08:50 NEG RVP 4SC
08:50-09:15 NAM RES 2AO
09:15-09:40 NLB RJP 5LS Teams,
09:40-10:05 Catch-up Catch-up Catch-up Student Leadership
10:05-10:30 1PD 2SD 2JK and missed
10:30-10:55 1MT 4SD 6KM individual
10:55-11:20 1HR 2NJ 6JY photographs
11:20-11:45 4SL 5WF 4AW
11:45-12:10 Lunch Lunch Lunch
12:10-12:35 Lunch Lunch 6KP
12:35-13:00 3DC 3MS 6EW
13:00-13:25 3MF 5EM 6CD
13:25-13:50 3DCH 2KB 5CC
13:50-14:15 Catch-up Catch-up Catch-up
14:15-15:00 Siblings Siblings Siblings


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