Primary STEAM Week - Bangkok Prep

Primary STEAM Week

This year’s Primary STEAM week was based around the theme of ‘Engineering around the World’. Students learned about the role of engineers, were introduced to a diverse range of famous engineers and how engineering has helped change the world. The students designed and made structures based on engineering projects from different parts of the world.

We were very fortunate to have a wonderful parent presentation on drilling engineering in Thailand by Tact and Aood Pochan. The students thoroughly enjoyed this and asked many interesting questions!   



Year 2 Designed and created models of the Eiffel Tower using pipe cleaners, tin foil,, newspaper and straws. 
Year 3 Made a collective giant pyramid using cardboard rolls and spray paint
Year 4 Learned about Sydney Harbour bridge and investigated what makes bridges strong. They then used lollipop sticks to create the strongest bridge they could. The strongest bridges could hold over 6kg!
Year 5

Designed and made bridges using spaghetti. 

Created vertical mazes on which marbles made their down!

Challenge – who could construct the biggest pyramid using toothpicks and marshmallows

Year 6

Designed and created their own version of the Great Wall of China using just a limited amount of recyclable materials. The aim was to keep a marble moving along this wall for the longest period of time by including curves and blockades along the way.


Researched different famous Asian architects and buildings and put together research into fact files about each one.


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