Primary Student Athlete Workshop - Bangkok Prep

Primary Student Athlete Workshop

Our Primary Student Athletes gathered on Friday 21st January for the first in person workshop to discuss goal setting; a common thing that all athletes do every week, day and year. It was challenging for the students to grasp achievable goals to start with but once in the flow all students were able to construct short, medium and long term goals for their chosen sport/sports. Learning how to do this will help support the students not only academically but also in their own sport training and performance. As a PE and Sports department we hope to raise awareness to the importance of goal setting and how it can help support performance and motivation not only in sport but in everyday life.

Piloting a Student Athlete Programme for the first time in Primary has been an eye opener. 

Our young students have so many pressures on them every day, more so with the current world situation. Yet they blow my mind every day. These five students are able students in many subjects and yet they are still able to train and focus on their improvement for their chosen sports.  Today they learnt how to set achievable goals for themselves and started to learn the process of how they will achieve them. Who knows that the future holds for them?!


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